Welcome To Green Lake Construction Company

Welcome to Green Lake Construction where homes are made on the lake. We are a group of dedicated home builders, home improvers and constructors in the whole of Green Lake and the surroundings. For a long time now we have been helping individuals and families with all aspects of home building of their desire around a golf course on the lake. Our areas of expertise include and not limited to waterproofing, roofing, cement, stucco, steam cleaning, kitchens, sidewalks, finished basement, all kinds of cement and carpentry work. All our specialized services will ensure your project comes out perfectly. Our main mission is to ensure an increase in the beauty as well as usability of your lake side home.

We are honest, dependable, and passionate and offer a 100% client satisfaction. For all your upcoming construction projects, contact us and we will not go disappointed. We at Green Lake Construction will bring your project visions and dreams to reality within your budget and on time. Our craftsmanship and excellence service delivery is guaranteed.

Call Green Lake Construction today or meet and talk to our team of dedicated experts. They listen, give advice and respond to your requests appropriately. Give your river home a touch of class with Green Lake Construction.