How to Create and Care for a Garden Lawn on a Riverside Home

The outside of your home makes a great impression on your guests and the neighborhood. The one thing that signifies the home ownership is the green yard in front of the house. Creating a deep green lawn may be all that you desire to add a touch of class to your home background.

Experts suggest that new lawns require much care in the early days of development otherwise the young grass will quickly wither away. While creating a new lawn on a riverside home consider using sod over seeds. Sod is more effective as the grass is fully grown and can be planted any time of the year. Seeds take much more time for the roots to develop.

The type of lawn care given depends on the climate type of the area. But in general, all lawns need frequent and light irrigation as the root system develops. Watering of the lawn is essential but the amount of water should also be checked. Too much water will make the sod rot while too little water will make the grass fade. All you need to ensure is that the grass remains moist beneath the ground. Sod needs immediate irrigation after planting. This ensures that there is enough room for water to penetrate into the ground. The planting holes should also be at least six inches deep.

Once the grass is two weeks old, reduce the frequency of watering and allow 2 more weeks of grass growth. After a month or so fertilize the lawn until the grass reaches 5 inches long without mowing. After six weeks the grass is now long enough for the first trimming. A lawn mower can be used but set the blades to the highest to avoid uprooting the grass. The blades should also be sharpened properly. At this point, you should avoid people walking on the grass until the roots are firm.

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