A Guide to Creating a BBQ Area Next to the River in the Backyard of Your Home

Eating, drinking, and merrymaking in the home backyard is an enjoyable thing. During summers the house is usually too hot to keep indoors. You need that refreshing air outside and that is why creating a BBQ area in the free space in the backyard must be a consideration when you are putting up a home. When planning to put up your BBQ area especially when your backyard is next to a river, a lot of considerations have to be looked into in order to get the desired results.

You have all the required materials and now the next step is to decide what part of the backyard should the BBQ stand. Always opt for slip-resistant flooring especially if you are in an area that gets a lot of rain. In addition, go for non-reflective surfaces if in an area that receives a lot of sunlight. Regardless of the surrounding, you should give your BBQ area some level of protection from some elements like rain and too much sun. For this, you can use permanent or semi-permanent roofing.

To make sure that your BBQ area is always safe, ensure that:

  • The space on which the BBQ area is to be created should be away from any very low hanging tree branches or buildings. The grill should be approximately 10 meters away from any building.
  • It is advisable that the BBQ be built on cement and the grill should be level.
  • The BBQ should be near a source of water and a few meters away from the kitchen. This allows you to easily get food from the kitchen to the BBQ.

Always have a fire extinguisher in a place near the BBQ area.

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