Previous Works

It takes expertise to build homes around the golf course on the lake. Thus, we take pride in our previous home creations. Here are some of our works:

Sunny Lake Lodge

The perfect place to build a lodge is somewhere near a golf course. This lodge is for a family of three who visits the Michigan twice a year for a holiday. It’s a bungalow with wooden floor and walls. The windows have a great view of the lake.

Modernized Villa

For our client who have bought a villa near a golf course, we made some renovations to make it more stylist. We went with minimalist structure and colors that blend with the environment.

Cherry House

French windows that open to a patio overlooking the lake is the highlight of this house. It has an overall quaint feeling. It’s small yet cozy, thus perfect for those looking for some peace and quiet.

Golf Course Retreat House

Stylish and minimalist, this hybrid home is perfect for someone who wants to have a quiet evening after a day at the golf course.